LegsApparel Fashion school nominated on merit as the Winner of West Africa's Best World class Quality Fashion School of the year 2017.

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Welcome to LegsApparel ABUJA, PORTHARCOURT & LAGOS!

Every year, Students from all over Nigeria meet at LegsApparel Fashion Academy to share a common passion: Design

It is here that young talents find the expertise, know-how and experience to become professionals in this rewarding field. And no other design school can compare to LegApparel Academy.

If you are considering a career in fashion or design, we have the programme to help you.

Become a globally recognized fashion designer with LegsApparel Fashion Academy - the leading way to study fashion. Join students from around Nigeria in a comprehensive, accredited study program.

Introduction to LegsApparel Fashion Academy

We are a Fashion school for Nigerians and Sub-Sahara Africans, that offer a six months Basic and Advanced Fashion training program for Youths, School leavers, Graduates, Workers/Executives and Retirees.Our product sold is viewed differently by different buyers. A serious young student with potential may need special help acquiring a skill for future use. A retired 60 year-old woman may be seeking a fun way to fill up an otherwise empty day or a skill to make ends meet after retirement. A stress-ridden executive may be seeking solace and relaxation or simply a skill that will empower him/her for a career switch or a possible company lay-off.

Our Pattern making, F-CAD, and Fashion Entrepreneurship courses empowers students on starting their own Fashion business after graduation. Empowerment, encouragement, technical advice, stress-relief, escape from loneliness, joblessness, self-expression, creativity, hope etc. are just some of the products sold by us.

LegsApparel is dedicated to providing competent, professional sewing instruction in a friendly, pleasant surrounding while catering to the varying needs of different target market groups. LegsApparel tries to cultivate a more personal and longer term relationship with the customer that cannot be achieved by road side teaching tailors.We simply teach to empower.

The objective of courses at LegsApparel Academy is to offer students training for the professional world of fashion. From beginner level students to advanced level students, our Academy is focused on one-on-one training service following each student’s characteristics and skills. Students will develop specified skills depending on the program chosen. At the end of the course, students will prepare materials for their own portfolios. Also, students will receive the Certificate of Study issued by the private school of LegsApparel Fashion Academy after the completion of the course.

LegsApparel Fashion Academy has three levels: BASIC, INTERMEDIARY & ADVANCED.


Offering courses in :

1) Measurements
2) Use of Manual & Industrial sewing Machine
3) Garment Construction/Cutting of Male OR Female garments (8 projects) including;
Female: Wedge skirt, straight gown, A-line gown, pleated skirt/gown, flared skirt/gown, Blouse.
Male: Shirt, Trouser
4) Sewing techniques



Offering courses in:

1) Introduction to Fashion Design
2) Fashion & Costume History
3) Fashion Sketching & illustrations
4) Colour Theory
5) Textile theory & Fabric for fashion with over 125 fabric swatch lessons
6) Fashion Business
7) Measurements
8) Use of Manual & Industrial sewing Machine
9) Garment Construction/Cutting of Male OR Female garments (12 projects) including;
Female: Wedge skirt, straight gown, A-line Gown, Female Shirt, Blouse(any style), Flared skirt/gown, pleated skirt/gown, female Trouser (any leg style) Jeans project (any style), jersey project (any style), African native project ( Bustier blouse & 6-10 pieces skirt or any style of choice.
Male: Shirt, Trouser, African native wear
10) Sewing techniques & styles


Offering Courses in:

1) Fashion Computer Aided Design (FCAD)
2) Fashion Entrepreneurship and Business Plan writing
3) Pattern making and drafting
4) Mass production sewing technique
5) Customized sewing Technique
6) Fashion Branding
7) Fashion Styling
8) Product Design & Story Board theme
9) Garment Construction /Cutting Male and female garments (12 projects) AVANT GARDE (HIGH FASHION) styles with patterns including;
Female: Skirt, Gown, Shirt, Trouser, Jackets, Blouse, Wedding Gowns, Costume styles, African Native (for ALL projects, it is any style of choice)
Male: Shirt, Corporate Jackets & trouser
10) Sewing of All projects

Admission Acceptance and Requirements
The students must send the complete application form and wait for the confirmation of eligibility. If students are eligible, open spots will be reserved and then confirmed after the payment of the school fee. Spaces are limited on first come first serve basis, therefore we suggest students to complete application process as soon as possible. Also the student must qualify to speak English, which is the taught language, in order to enroll in the courses.

Course Schedule
Course may start on any Monday except for Nigerian holidays
Courses are scheduled 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.
Morning: 9:00am – 13:00pm
Afternoon: 13:00pm – 17:00pm
Evening: 17:00pm - 20:00pm
Saturday Weekend classes: 6 hours a day, morning and afternoon From 12noon till 6pm

Founded in 2004, LegsApparel Fashion Academy offers the best alternative to vocational education and is one, among few, of the only design school to close the full circle from design conceptualization through readymade product to marketing. The students are provided with the necessary knowledge to develop and master their skills in learning, understanding and practicing fashion design as a profession and as a business. All learners graduate as properly trained professional fashion designers ready to start a career in the industry or launch their own clothing label.

The classic study of fashion design is combined with the production of a full ready to wear collection for women and men, as well as mastering the student’s portfolio presentation skills. All the garments are created with the learners original design ideas, essential to developing a unique signature style. After graduation the designers are able to conceptualize and present any design idea on any fashion brief, pattern all kind of ready to wear, Couture & Avant-garde garments, as well as produce those.

Vital requirements for choosing to study fashion design include creative flare for design, good math’s skills for pattern making and patience for cutting and sewing.

Comprehensive study: LegsApparel Fashion Academy offers the most comprehensive education programs in the fashion industry. Review the content of all subjects along with the sample lessons. Be sure to get similar course details from other schools, compare and see the difference in the quality of the syllabus.

Practical work: With LegsApparel Fashion Academy the students construct 12 ready to wear garments in the Basic program and additional 12 Couture and Avant-garde outfits in the Advanced program. All garments are created with the learners original designs, helping them develop their signature style. When choosing fashion education, enquire how many garments will be produced and whether they offer freedom of design as all other schools restrict the project work to few standard designs only.

Online support: LegsApparel Fashion Academy assigns a maximum of 9 students per tutor, allowing each and every future designer to receive personal attention. The learners are provided with the Skype address and telephone numbers of their tutor directly, unlike most other schools which require students to go through a "course advisor" or some other administration official.

Accreditation: LegsApparel Fashion Academy is an arm of LegsApparel and a subsidiary of Legacy Integrations Nigeria Ltd. RC: 455811. This Limited Liability Company is licensed to train and teach in the Fashion Industry in Nigeria. This is the guarantee that the programs have been assessed to ensure quality sound educational standards and that the school maintains ethical business practices.

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