LegsApparel Fashion school nominated on merit as the Winner of West Africa's Best World class Quality Fashion School of the year 2017.

Nigerian Institute of Training and Development.

"With support from the Federal Government of Nigeria’s YouWiN! Programme".

MEMBER: International Vocational Education and Training association.

In partnership with the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship programme

Corporate member:
Nigerian Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (NASME)


I had previous sewing experience but couldn’t cut correctly. Within the first month of classes at Legsapparel, I learned the correct techniques used for cutting.

I love the structured way of learning with each project being a little more difficult than the preceding one. This kept me challenged all through the training course as I always had to look up different techniques to achieve a good finishing. The tutors were also available to answer my questions and to demonstrate the answer if needed.

All in all, I would recommend this Institute as I can confidently sew a wide range of clothing from wedge skirts to trousers to shirts! And all these in 3 months!

Thank you Mrs. Ola, Mrs. Angela and our trusty Eunice. It was worth the time, cost and effort.


Foreign Languages Graduate
University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Dear Legsapparel, by and by, my name is TOLUWANI IBUKUNOLUWA REBECCA. I want to use this medium to commend the Institute. I had a great experience and my views about fashion has been broadened. I hereby commend the effort of our lecturer, Osatuame. She did a great job, and the management of Legsapparel are full of integrity and they can do better. My little advice for the school is to do more publicity and showcase. They have the stuff to compete internationally.


Travel & Tours company



My name is Yekini Naimot Omodoapo. I found out about Legsapparel on the internet. Although I was serving and already working in my PPA, I didn’t hesitate to call Legsapparel to make inquiry. I finally came and resumed classes I was asked to sit on the manual machine and I quickly learnt how to use it, then I moved on to the industrial machine, waow , I thought I will be able to get it like the manual . I almost gave up! I never knew controlling a machine will give me more problem. I finally made up my mind when I saw fellow students projects, and I was like, I am going to know how to sew and cut! I am so thankful to the teachers and management of Legsapparel for their efforts , they supported me and told me that I could achieve it and enter the fashion world. I enjoyed the theoretical aspect of fashion designing.


Yekini Naimot Omodoapo.
Youth Corper
Economics graduate
Kwara state university Malefe


Legsapparel environment is very conducive for learning; the knowledge was well imparted because the tutor is very friendly and accommodating. She understands the teachings and has a way of breaking it to make every one understand, ie using different methods to pass out information.


Jennifer Kelvin Odia
Business Administrative graduate,
Cross Rivers state University


Legsapparel school of fashion is a good place if you really want to acquire sewing skills. I never thought I could learn how to sew, even in one year! But Legsapparel made it possible in about 3 months! I thought sewing was magic until I got here in less than 3 weeks I had made a skirt, and Mrs. Angela, the teacher is wonderful and very encouraging.


Eunice Otubu
Law graduate,
Ahmadu Hello University, Zaria.


Generally,I had a good experience. The instructor is patient and tolerant and takes time to explain. The school environment is conducive for learning and duly equipped.


Esther Amuga
Law graduate
University of Maiduguri


I am so happy to have known this fashion school, and I will not hesitate to recommend it to my friends and colleagues. Before now, I had wondered how one can learn how to sew in 3 months, which I know people are spending 2-3 years to learn! Today, I have witnessed reality of sewing after 3 months even as I am writing this testimony, I am wearing the dress I made . After 3 months the prove is reality. I will not fail to thank the management and staff of this school especially Angela my facilitator for her patience for teaching me. Eunice and Aunty Ola for their contributions in making me what I am today in fashion.


Mrs. Lawrentia Nwaohu
Secretarial studies graduate,
University of Port Harcourt.


The standard of school is very acceptable and the environment so conducive for learning and also the instructor is a person full of patience. I will recommend the school.


Uche Mary Ogboi
Nursery & Primary Education,
Delta state University Abraka



This school has really opened my mind to lots of things about fashion. The knowledge gathered during my stay here will go a long way as a matter of fact for a life time! Kudos to legsapparel school of fashion and design. Love everyone I was opportune to work with, my instructor is the best. God bless you Angela!


Ifeoma Ude Eze
Chemistry Education graduate,
Obafemi Awolowo University, O. A. U. Ile Ife


I have learned a lot in the course of study in this school. My creativity horizon has widened and I have also acquired the skill of tailoring which in turn enhances my design skills. I am eternally grateful to the academy, I enjoyed the learning process throughout the study period. I also appreciate the friendly, cordial relationship that is exhibited from teachers and others.


Hajia bilkiru usman
Architect at FCDA
Architecture graduate of Kaduna polytechnic


During this course, I have learnt and achieved so much. When I first started, I had no knowledge about sewing or how to use a sewing machine. I had wanted to quit at first, because I found it very challenging. After the second week, things became easier and better. Now I am confident with my achievement and I will keep practicing to perfection.


Rahama Danshehu
Communications and multimedia graduate
American university of Abuja


Fashion design has always been my passion, despite getting into higher institution. I later got the opportunity to fulfil my passion at Legsapparel school of fashion and design. Though with a little knowledge of the industry, the school took me through fashion and design starting from the rudiments. Now , I am confident enough to cut and sew any style and as well design them. So, Legsapparel was it for me. They gave me everything I needed and I am proud to have undergone my training here.


Obi Rosemary
University of Nigeria Nsukka


Legsapparel school of fashion and design was indeed a place to be. I learnt a lot in fashion design, became creative and can sew now like a miracle! Sometimes , I can’t believe my creation , all credits to Legsapparel. I also met wonderful people, the instructor was all hands and patient. Thank you very much. , I’m grateful!


Bethel Ukaoha
Life science graduate,
University of Benin


My stay here in Legsapparel school of fashion and design was very worthy. From the classes down to the practical’s, it was very interesting. The curriculum training materials , the conduct of training, were all on point ! looking forward to coming back for my Advanced class!


Odiete RORO
English Graduate
Benue state university


I began as a novice in Legsapparel. But they put me through on all the rudiments of fashion and taught me all that I know now about sewing, designing and how to use all sorts of sewing machines. I can now proudly sew my own dresses. Thanks to Legsapparel fashion school. This is really a place to be if you want to be a professional designer.


Chibogu Margaret
Business Administration graduate
Abia state polytechnic



I thank God for Legsapparel. I came to know about the institution online. And I will say, I did not regret coming to the school. Within 3 months, I was able to do virtually everything about sewing! The instructors were wonderful, I say a big thank you to Madam Ola, Osas, Chisom and Eucharia. I enjoyed their teachings. May the school continue to soar high in Jesus name!


Mrs. Yekini Oyinlola
Compute science graduate
University of Ado-Ekiti, ladoke Akintola University.


Before I came to Legsapparel, I searched for a fashion school that would meet my needs for a year! In fact, I had already given up and decided to learn online, then I came across their website. Right there and then, I knew Legsapparel was the school for me- their timing suited my schedule, and they seemed to know what they were doing. I was right, they really did know what they were doing here!

I’m so happy, I came to this school because, I absolutely made the right choice. I didn’t know how to sew jack! My first week was a tad bit frustrating because all the machines seemed to fly and leave me and my fabric starring, but at the end of this program, I sewed so well I started to get clients even before I graduated. Which is totally amazing!!! I want to say a big thank you to my facilitators Mrs Angela and Mr. Ibrahim, you two are totally amazing Another thank you to Mrs Angela for putting up with me, thank you to my bestie, Eunice, the custodian. To Rosemary, my fellow student who always helped out. Thank You.


Winifred Ahupa
Textile science and technology graduate,
Ahmadu Hello University, Zaria.


I came to legsapparel as a total novice, but today, as I graduate, I am proud to say that I am a skilled person in the area of fashion designing. I learnt a lot in the short period of 3 months and can say that it was a well spent investment in the area of time, resources and development. I would recommend anyone to attend classes here in this school because I have been blessed during my time here, meeting nice people, learning from fellow students.


Kelechi onuoha
Trained at Legsapparel Port Harcourt centre


I found my stay here fun and educative. The little amount of students and class setting presented me with a comfortable and relaxed environment in which I was able to complete all my projects. I am satisfied with my choice in legsapparel.


Faizah Haliru
Student of Entrepreneurship at American University Nigeria (AUN)
Trained at Legsapparel Port Harcourt centre


I love the institute, the instructor, the staff members and my fellow participants in the program. The training I received was done to first class, I use skills learned almost everyday. The course work was presented in very simple ways and in a very warm and conducive environment. Fashion was made VERY VERY EASY. The training was JUST RIGHT, everyone comments on my improved skills because it is reflected in my dressings and the garments I make. THANK YOU!!!!


Obakhesoa Damilola Olasukanmi
Computer science graduate,
University of Lagos Akoka
Trained @ legsapparel Port Harcourt centre

Being in LegsApparel Fashion School has taught me a lot. LegsApparel School brought out the creativity in me, this school made me get in touch with my intellectual ability and skill. As a student of this school, I got an all round experience of being a fashion designer.

Jennifer Ogo.
Psychology graduate
Enugu State University of Science and Technology.


The whole experience in LegsApparel is an amazing and awesome journey.
The students here have a one on one session with the facilitator, thereby making it possible for students to ask any question and have a better understanding of the whole process.
Osas and Evelyn are very wonderful people; their words of encouragement have helped us pull through.
I am now more confident to cut and sew. I also like the idea of teaching the next student after you in class, it made me understand what I learnt throughout the whole program with ease.

Ukamaka B. Chukwuka
Mortgage Banker.
Aso Savings and Loans, Abuja, Nigeria.


My name is Frances Uju Asika. I found out about LegsApparel on the Internet, having spoken to a lady over the phone before I finally came in and resumed. It has been a wonderful experience in the last three months, though I almost gave up in the first week, I never knew that paddling a machine was so hard and needed working together of your hands and legs at the same time. I made up my mind to keep it up and to achieve what I came for. I had fun with my classmates, shared ideas with them, both male and female classmates. I am so thankful to the teachers and management of LegsApparel for their effort even when I was giving up, they supported me and taught me that I could achieve it. As I graduate today from LegsApparel, I want to say that I will forever refer to the school as my basic school where I learnt everything about fashion.

International relations Graduate
Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. Nigeria.


I discovered about LegsApparel school of Fashion and Design on the Internet. Although I had no idea whatsoever about how to sew, but in less than one week with the due diligence of our instructor, I was able to start making my first project which was a wedge skirt. I also love the fact that I was able to split the N150,000 fees into two installments within one month. I am happy to have discovered this Fashion school as not only did I learn how to Sew, I learnt the theoretical and sketching aspect of Fashion Designing.

Law graduate
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.


My name is Miepamo Jones Ere. I came all the way from Port Harcourt to attend LegsApparel, to learn Fashion and Design. At first, it was a struggle, due to the change of environment and meeting new people. It was not easy for me, but with the wonderful people I met here in LegsApparel, they made me feel welcomed. Luckily for me, my class was filled with all kinds of funny people, there was never a dull moment and we all got along.
As for the staff, my very special teacher, Osas, that’s what I call her, was like a big sister to me. She was always there when I needed her. Lastly Madam Ola, Our big Aunty had our back. I was properly taught and I felt at home.

History & Diplomatic studies graduate
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


My name is Joyce Okafor. I found out about LegsApparel on the Internet. It was challenging for me combining, work, family and Fashion school together. At first, I felt like leaving, but thank God for the Management that really understood what I was passing through and they assisted me. Special thanks to Osas and Evelyn, they were really wonderful and my fellow students, especially Uju, Fabian and Phillip. I thank God I met them because we could share ideas and move forward with our assigned projects. Before LegsApparel, I could not do a lot, but right now, I’m assured I can do the best. I would refer anyone to LegsApparel Fashion School because they are the Best.

JOYCE O. OKAFOR (Marketer at Coca cola PLC)
Accountancy graduate
Madonna University.


I spent three months with this wonderful academy. When I arrived, I knew nothing about sewing or Fashion. But in less than one month, I could proudly and confidently tell people I am a fashion designer in the making. Thanks to the instructors who brought out time to teach me how to paddle a machine, how to cut fabrics down to the sewing process. LegsApparel Fashion Academy is the place to be if you are out there with the dream of going into the Fashion Industry. The Academy has a good structure and experienced instructors, with years of Industry experience. I have no regrets. Thanks to Osa, Evelyn and Madam, who made my stay worth every penny.

Computer Science graduate
University of Nigeria, Nsukka. (UNN) Nigeria.


Attending three months basics of Fashion in LegsApparel was absolutely amazing. It was above and beyond my expectations. I had a wonderful experience with my colleagues and a tutor that put me through from the onset to the end of my basic lessons. I gained so much knowledge within a short period of time. Each day is wonderfully planned so that students get the most out of their time. I am grateful for everything, my motivator (Mr. Austin), the tutor (Ms. Osas) and I also thank BaBa God for giving me the grace to complete my Course work.

Mechanical Engineering graduate
Federal University of Technology Owerri. (FUTO) Nigeria.

My time at LegsApparel School was great, and words cannot express it, but I will let you in on some scoop. I kept telling myself Fashion and Design was not for me. I have been to so many Fashion schools and I was getting nothing….so I went online myself to get the best for me, but something also affordable, and I found LegsApparel. Believe it, now I’m inspired and motivated to search for more knowledge when it comes to Fashion and Design. Now I can sketch out my Designs and cut my fabric without the help of my tutor. I am taking Fashion to the next level, and you’ll definitely be hearing from me in the future! I advice anyone out there who is interested in Fashion, to go to LegsApparel!!!

Shulammite Akpoyibo
International Relations, Communications and Media studies graduate;
Monash University, Australia.

This has been an awesome experience. It felt like I was never going to be able to acquire this skill, but with the help and encouragement of my tutor, this process was a success. I’m more enlightened in this industry and I’m ready to take it over! I’m confident of what has been deposited in me and I am very grateful for this process. My Tutor (Mrs Ola) has been very patient, expecting and encouraging the best out of me, and I’m very very grateful. Thank you, LegsApparel for providing this opportunity for me. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again! Waow!!!

Joe-Ebojielu Osatohamen
Economics graduate. Redeemers’ University (RUN), Ogun state.

I really want to thank God for making it possible for me to become a Student at LegsApparel. I was extremely happy when I found this school of Fashion and Design cause it’s what I’m passionate about. Many thanks, to Mrs. Ola for putting me through during my stay at the Academy. Finally again, I want to thank God, LegsApparel staff, and Mrs. Ola for her good work at LegsApparel.

Joseph Mandela Esla
Secondary school graduate.
People’s comprehensive Academy, Mararaba, Nassarawa state.



Legsapparel Fashion School is really a Fashion tale school.

I always thought there was nothing in sewing, fashion and designing, until I came in contact with Legs.

My three months stay was wonderful, I was really well taught. Sewing was like magic to me, but not anymore. My teacher was very encouraging and kind, at a time, I wanted to give up, but along the line, I was brought back. Right now, I can boast of what I’ve learnt here and also recommend so many people to this place because it’s really worth it. And I’ll say fashion and designing is more interesting than I thought it was. Thanks!!! Legsapparel.

Aliyu Glory Emmanuel
Secondary School Student
Federal Government College, Keffi.

Fashion and Design was like rocket science before I came to LegsApparel. Also I came with the mind of “let me see the magic they will perform in a short space of time” (3 months) for the Basic course.

Within a month into my training, I made and wore my first dress, it kept getting better. From LegsApparel Instructors to their teaching/training materials to their style of teaching (one-on-one training) irrespective of the number of students are just superb. There is no other place I would have learnt Fashion and Designing other than LegsApparel school.

This School Rocks!!!

William E. Esther
Economics graduate. University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


I have had no regrets being a student at LegsApparel School of Fashion and Design.
I came in a novice, not having any knowledge on how to cut, sew, identify fabric types and didn’t have an idea on Fashion terminologies.
I have had value for my money and I recommend LegsApparel School of Fashion and Design to anyone who has a dream to rock the fashion world.
Every student who has allowed him/her self to be taught by the wonderful instructors here will definitely be able to compete with their peers anywhere in the world. LegsApparel Rocks !!!

Business Admin. Graduate; Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi. Nigeria &
Food Service Management Graduate; Cornell University, USA.


I have found my stay and learning at LegsApparel to be most rewarding and exciting. The learning environment is superb and conducive for learning, coupled with the fact that the instructor /tutor is highly knowledgeable in Business Management and Fashion, is willing to share her knowledge and above all is people-empowerment oriented. I don’t think I would have gotten this perfect mix anywhere else within Nigeria.
Three things have made my learning at LegsApparel worthwhile; the students who are the most part very friendly, the instructor who takes time to correct, nurture and empower; and the knowledge which I gained by reason of the friendly students and passionate instructor.

Accounting Graduate of Madonna University, Nigeria.

Just a quick note to say Thanks very much to the staff and Management of LegsApparel for the information I garnered at this course for the last few months. I must say I came along with the usual reservation that you have about whether the whole thing might not be important and not relevant to our market, but in the long run, it was Brilliant, Entertaining, Informative and most importantly Relevant with Plenty of Information to take away and refer to as well.
Now, all I have to do is get off my backside and put it into action!

Mass Communication Graduate; Madonna University, Nigeria.

Fabulous experience! I started from being so naïve on day one of the Basic class, surprisingly; I could sew on day two. I’m now enjoying an Interesting Advanced class, especially the course on the guide to Entrepreneurship in Fashion.
I enrolled just to learn sewing, now I’m already taking Fashion as a serious business!
Kudos to LegsApparel!

Accounting Graduate; Enugu state University, (ESUT), Nigeria.

LegsApparel School of Fashion & Design!!!! Wow, Is a Fashion School that is everything in the sense that I was taught the beginning of Fashion to up-to-date Fashion, the theory, the business, marketing, choice, labels, designers taste, all the process/ stages of Improvement and the practicals itself. My Mummy is a Fashion Designer, but she does not know the History of Fashion itself, but LegsApparel taught me the history and almost what I need to know as a beginner in Fashion School. A solid Foundation is so important and I got just that in LEGSAPPAREL FASHION SCHOOL. Thank you Ola, Patty and Ann.

Economics graduate UNIABUJA

Learning Basic skills at Legs Apparel was a wonderful experience for me.For someone who does not know how to handle a sewing machine, I can now sew for myself and my lovely kids. In this school, we were given the opportunity to express ouself and be creative. Thanks to the staff and Management of ALegsApparel for this wonderful experience. I am now a Fashionista in making. Thank you and God Bless!

Ganiyat Abdulrazaq
Textile technology Graduate, Kaduna Polytecnic

First and Foremost, I would like to say a very big thanks to God Almighty to have given me this opportunity to be part of LegsApparel School of Fashion and Design. My coming to this school was not an accident, it was God ordained. A very big thanks to my teacher, Mrs. Ola, Evelyn our small teacher and all other staffs of the Institution.

I would like to say my experience in the Institution is one of the Best achievements of my life. I never regret any single moment I spent in the school. Once more, thanks to Mrs. Ola who has made this dream come through. May God Almighty continually prosper you in Jesus Name.

Abang Anita.
Sociology graduate

LegsApparel! A school with a difference...

I have been in the Fashion Business for over five years, but knew I needed an upgrade on modern sewing techniques. I came all the way from Delta state to Abuja in search of more Fashion knowledge and I got more than I bargained for.

My Four months in the School has widened my knowledge of Fashion and Design.

LegsApparel School of Fashion is a place where you get your Fashion needs, a place where you are taught, not only to Design, but also entrepreneurship and even more. Student and lecturer relationship is the best. LegsApparel you are the Best!

Blessing Agili
Business Administration graduate


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